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Read what athletes have to say about Coach Mark Sullivan...

"I struggled with a frustrating, chronic injury for two and a half years. I consulted with two orthopedic surgeons and a physical therapist. I tried resting, stretching, and strengthening exercises - without success. Surgery was even suggested as a possible solution... Then, I spoke with Mark who listened carefully. He offered suggestions which immediately began to make a difference. Mark is very knowledgeable about running injuries and body mechanics. My legs feel better than they have in years due to following Mark's advice. I am able to run as much and as hard as I want at this point."

Eileen (runner)

"I called Mark when my marathon entry was accepted only 8 weeks before race day. He created a schedule which made the most of my limited preparation time, focusing on several key workouts. He even ran some of the training runs with me. He analyzed my running form, helped me with my nutrition, and even advised me in regard to my shoe purchases. I learned so much from him... Not only did I complete the targeted race, but Mark's training prepared me for a second marathon scheduled for only three weeks later. I ran two sub-3 hour marathons in 21 days, and finished both marathons within seconds of my personal best time."

J (marathon runner)
New England

    “Mark Sullivan is the reason that I have returned to competitive running after a serious case of plantar fasciitis. I followed his plan and I was able to get back to doing what I love - running.

    First I went to a very good physical therapist and then Googled all internet information on plantar fasciitis, but was not able to heal fully from this debilitating injury. Mark's plan is unique and was not to be found anywhere else.

    Mark Sullivan provided me with the knowledge, exercises, aides, and training plan to make the recovery - in order for me to be able to attain times in long distance races equal to or better than pre-injury accomplishments.

    The two main factors that contributed to Mark's success were his enormous experience (over 150 marathons) and the underpinning of all his coaching: the complete emphasis on injury-free training.”

Phil K. (Senior Grand Masters Division Winner)

__"Mark, Had to share...you gave me a lot of advice and hope that one day I could actually qualify for the Boston.

__Well...I have taken your advice to heart. So, fast forward to May - the half marathon. I was motivated to try it (your advice) and was really hoping to run 2:20 - I thought it was ambitious to take 15 minutes off my time, but felt I had a chance, despite previously running around 8 half marathons and consistently being at the 2:35 to 2:41 time.

__I crossed the finish line but didn't actually make it to 2:20... I did however run it in 2:10!!!! I shaved 25 minutes off my PB - and that was from just 2 months ago!!!

__I firmly believe that it is (your advice) that got this ball rolling for me and I am so very grateful for the time and advice you gave me! Thanks again!"

Stephanie (runner and soon-to-be Boston qualifier)

Orangeville, Ontario, Canada

"I had a big race event I was trying to prepare for and wasn't sure how to make the most of my final days of training. I used to end up doing too much or too little before a race, and would end up with a poor performance... But, Mark wrote a clear, easy to understand schedule for me to follow. It kept me sharp, allowed me to rest, and fully prepared me for one of my best races ever."

Philip A. (multi-sport athlete)

"For years, every time I finished a marathon, I was trashed. The days following the race, I could barely walk. It took me weeks to recover... Mark showed me what I was doing wrong in my training and taught me how to train smarter and race more effectively. He had me running back-to-back marathons only two weeks apart, finishing stronger, and feeling better afterward than I ever did before."

BR (competitive long distance runner)
New Jersey

"Time and time again, I have called Mark with a nagging pain or the early stages of an injury, and he has had a solution."

LR (runner)

“This Honolulu Marathon, I got some professional help to kick start my training. I turned to Mark Sullivan. He boosted my training with various techniques I really felt comfortable with. Without a doubt what he told me would work, in fact did. I was in the best running shape of my 53 years going into my 2nd marathon. We worked on running, we worked on nutrition pre-race and during the race, how to go through the water stations, hydration, and other tips to help. After a great race, I had no problem in recovering.”

Bob H. (runner)


4-time Boston Marathon & NYC Marathon Winner, Bill Rodgers

"Mark, 100+ marathons...you've got quantity plus quality...Great job!"

Here are a few quotes about Mark Sullivan from some very famous runners...

1987 Boston Marathon Winner, Toshihiko Seko

"100 marathons fast!...

...You crazy, man!"

Olympic Marathon Gold & Silver Medalist, Frank Shorter

"You've managed to maintain a very high level of performance... that's really impressive...and, it shows extremely smart training."

1957 Boston Marathon Winner & Olympic Marathoner, John Kelley

"To run over 100 marathons under 3 hours...that really impresses me!"

4-time Boston Marathon & NYC Marathon Winner, Bill Rodgers

"You are so smart with your training...We need a thousand more coaches like you!"