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Q: I have trained on my own for years without a coach. Why should I consider a coach now?
A: If you're like most people, it's difficult to look at yourself objectively. Many athletes keep making the same mistakes, which is why they develop recurrent injuries or suffer from burnout, and never reach their full potential or achieve their goals. A good coach can help you avoid these pitfalls. Mark Sullivan can help you achieve your goals and remain injury-free!

Q: What is iRuniCoach.com and why was it started?
The service was started because of repeated requests for coaching and advice and grew out of necessity. As Mark Sullivan traveled to different cities, across the U.S. and Canada, running marathons and speaking at various race events, many runners asked if he would consider coaching them. At the same time, he was fielding volumes of phone calls and e-mails each week requesting advice on injuries, training, racing, nutrition, etc. So, in addition to providing coaching services and hands-on counseling for local athletes, Mark established an on-line service iRuniCoach.com to offer the same programs, in the form of eCoaching, to athletes anywhere in the world.

Q: What is eCoaching?
The "e" in eCoaching stands for "electronic", and refers to the way coaching information, advice, training schedules, etc. are transferred between Mark Sullivan and his clients. Mark uses e-mail, video chat, and telephone calls to stay in contact with his out-of-town clients, and often meets with them, face-to-face at major events. For local athletes, or those within driving distance, Coach Mark can schedule an appointment at his facility or even arrange to meet at their convenience at a local track or gym.

Q: Are the programs and training schedules individualized?
ABSOLUTELY! Your program will be designed specifically for you. In fact, Coach Mark often strays from his own established programs to develop an entirely new, specialized plan for an athlete. He is very flexible and willing to work with all of his clients in whatever way best suites their needs.

When designing a program, Coach Mark will look not only at your goals, but will consider your work schedule and family obligations as well, to create a plan which makes the most of your limited training time. Whatever service you select, Coach Mark Sullivan provides a high level of individual attention, and will work with you every step of the way.

Q: Do you work only with runners?
No. Although his primary interest is long distance running, in addition to runners, Coach Mark Sullivan works with walkers, multi-sport athletes, team sport players, and anyone interested in improving their health, fitness, or performance.

Coaching isn't just for serious, hardcore competitors. A beginner can benefit immensely from the advice and guidance of a coach; preventing them from developing poor habits, and helping them to avoid potential injuries, which can derail their fitness program. And, because of the various options, Coach Mark's services are affordable for anyone.

Q: How can I get started right away?
Click the image of the questionnaire shown at left to download a .PDF file. Print out and complete that questionnaire. Then, mail it, along with payment for selected program or service option, to: Mark Sullivan, iRuniCoach.com, Box 100, Freeburg, PA 17827.

(A text version of the questionnaire can be forwarded, if you e-mail a request.)

Q: How do I pay for services?
Checks and money orders are accepted. (Checks should be made payable to: "Mark Sullivan".) iiRuniCoach.com also utilizes PayPal, an on-line payment system which is secure and easy-to-use, and will ensure the safety and privacy of your personal information.

Q: How quickly will I get a response from my coach?
Generally, a reply (via phone, fax, or e-mail) will come within 24 hours. Most often, you'll receive a response within a few hours.

Q: How do I contact Coach Mark?
A: You can reach him via e-mail at: mark@iRuniCoach.com

Or, you can write:
Mark Sullivan
Box 100
Freeburg, PA 17827

If you prefer a call, e-mail Coach Mark with your phone number and the best time(s) to receive a phone consultation.

Stop wondering how fast you could be, or if you have the potential to improve a personal best...
don't allow the pain and frustration of a chronic injury to prevent you from achieving your goals...
you owe it to yourself to make the most of your training time and effort...
contact Coach Mark today!


The same training techniques that have kept him running successfully injury-free for more than twenty-five years can help you too!