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Stop wondering how fast you could be, or if you have the potential to improve a personal best...
don't allow the pain and frustration of a chronic injury to prevent you from achieving your goals...
you owe it to yourself to make the most of your training time and effort...
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The same training techniques that kept him running successfully injury-free for more than twenty-five years can help you too!

Coaching Programs & Options -
(Note: services may vary according to individual needs.)

I. Advisory Coaching $68 / month:

This plan works well for athletes who may already have a training routine, but need guidance and advice from a professional in regard to specific aspects of their training. The program can help individuals who sometimes lack motivation, or who are trying to avoid injury. It's also great for athletes who want to plan their own schedules or desire more flexibility in their programs.

Services include:

- initial consultation to review and discuss current training schedule, athletic and medical histories, goals, etc.

- overview and outline with training plan recommendations

- access to your coach via e-mail, *phone consultations, or video chat

- injury prevention counseling and expert advice on everything from what to eat to selecting the proper shoes to how and when to stretch

- as well as other benefits, including: discounts at local running stores (for local athletes)

II. Advanced Coaching $95 / month:
This plan is for anyone ready to take their fitness or training to the next level; for athletes who want to realize their full potential. This program is also great for individuals who have suffered from chronic or repeat injuries, or who need more structured guidance to achieve their goals.
Services include but are not limited to:
- initial consultation
- analyze and review current schedule or training plan
- complete athletic profile and a detailed personalized training program and calendar / schedule
- goal setting & periodization
- injury assessment & preventative counseling
- access to your coach via e-mail, *phone consultations, or video chat
- other benefits, including: discounts at local running stores and on select products, e-newsletter when published

III. Performance Coaching $150 / month:
This plan is for serious competitive athletes; dedicated, committed individuals who need a professional coach to guide them.
In addition to the services included with the Advanced Coaching Program, athletes choosing Performance Coaching will receive:
- individually tailored training programs and comprehensive calendar / schedules
- goal setting & periodization, injury assessment & counseling
- specialized conditioning programs including: gait analysis and retraining, assisted stretching techniques, customized strength training, and/or private training sessions (depending on location of athlete)
- unlimited access to your via email coach, phone, and video chat, etc.
- additional benefits and services based on individual needs

Payment Options:

Checks and money orders are accepted. (Checks should be made payable to: “Mark Sullivan” and can be sent to the address below.)

You can also use PayPal, the secure on-line payment system which is easy-to-use, and will ensure the safety and privacy of your personal information. Just pick an option from the drop-down menu.

You can can started right away by selecting one of the Coaching Program Options from the drop-down menu above and then click ‘Pay Now’, or you can also click the image above to download a questionnaire. Then, fill it out and mail to:

  1. Mark Sullivan

  2. iRuniCoach.com

  3. Box 100

  4. Freeburg, PA 17827

Consultation & Counseling:
- Consultation / Counseling is available on an "as needed" basis for $50 per session. Generally, a free follow-up is included.
- If you have a training plan you are already working with, but would like some advice or guidance, consultation is available on an hourly basis at $50 per hour. There is an initial consultation requirement of one hour, payable at the time of service.

*Phone consultation and video chat hours are usually pre-arranged. Times can be arranged to accommodate work schedules.

Generally, a reply (via phone or e-mail) will come within 24 hours. Most often, you'll receive a response within a few hours.

For local clients, office visits / consultations start at only $25.
On-site one-on-one coaching sessions are available starting at $50 per session. Private sessions at off-site locations start at $65.

Note: Group sessions are available at discounted rates.

Additional time:
(Available only as an addition to monthly services)
- Hourly rate is $45.
- Daily rate will be discounted and may vary according to travel and services provided.
- Rates for corporate fitness, walking and running programs vary according to size, and are negotiable.

Payment Options:

Checks and money orders are accepted.
(Checks should be made payable to: Mark Sullivan.)

You can also utilize PayPal, the secure on-line payment system which is easy-to-use, and will ensure the safety and privacy of your personal information. Payments for a monthly program or seasonal plan are non-refundable.

- Prepayment discounts apply to seasonal plans. Information available upon request.
- Prepay any of the above programs for one year and receive a singlet, technical shirt, or other piece of “iRuniCoach.com” apparel.
- Payment is due by the 3rd of each month.

To get started right away...Choose from one of the Coaching Program Options listed at the top of the page, or select a Consultation & Counseling option from the drop-down menu above.

You can also click the image of the questionnaire shown at left or click here to download a .PDF file. Print out and complete the questionnaire, and mail it, along with payment for selected program or service option, to: Mark Sullivan, iRuniCoach.com, Box 100, Freeburg, PA 17827.

(A text version of the questionnaire can be forwarded, if you e-mail a request.)

Please contact mark@iRuniCoach.com for further details on any of these programs or options, or to discuss your needs.

Or, you can write:

Mark Sullivan
Box 100
Freeburg, PA 17827