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Recommended Running Resources:

Running is a minimalist sport. There isn't a lot of equipment required. Other than shoes, a few pieces of apparel, and perhaps a watch, there aren't a lot of necessities. However, the "right" shoe, as well as the "right" pieces of apparel can make all the difference in the world.

In addition to the choices and purchases he has made for his own personal running program, Mark Sullivan has served as a wear-tester and product reviewer for some of the major running shoe and apparel companies.

Following are links for products Mark Sullivan uses and recommends:

Although he has tried other running shoe brands, Mark now exclusively wears ASICS Running Shoes for all of his training and races. And, he attributes much of his injury-free running over the past 30-plus years to the technology behind their shoes. For more information about ASICS Running Shoes, visit their web site: www.asics.com.

A good pair of running socks can be hard to find. For several years, Mark has been wearing POWERSOX Elite Power-Lites Running socks manufactured by GoldToeMoretz. The socks fit great, are well-constructed, made from a synthetic blend, are very reasonably-priced! For more information about POWERSOX, visit their web site: www.powersox.com.

Although there are many products available claiming to improve athlete performance, The Stick is the only device Coach Mark Sullivan endorses.

"I recommend The Stick to all my athletes because it works. Not only does it relieve pain, it also speeds muscle recovery; enabling you to resume quality training sooner. I take The Stick with me whenever I travel to a race event. It's perfect for easing tension and restoring proper circulation after a long drive. But, I especially like it for race morning; to prepare muscles for activity, by warming muscle tissue without expending vital energy stores." Mark Sullivan

For more information on this great product, or to purchase one for yourself, click the image box.

Coach Mark Sullivan's local athletes receive a discount at Elite Feet, Inc. in Montoursville, PA., a specialty running store offering expert fitting of running shoes. They carry running apparel and accessories for the beginner to advanced runner.

For more information about Elite Feet, visit: www.elitefeetinc.com or e-mail: elitefeet@verizon.net.

VR PRO hosts numerous running and walking events each year and also directs many other races for organizations in Burlington and the Greater Toronto Area. Among their many events are the Chilly Half Marathon & Frosty 5K, which is southwestern Ontario's (Canada) premier half marathon, and, the Santa 5K Ontario, which is Canada's largest all-Santa race, as well as the Santa 5K Vermont, which is Vermont’s only all-Santa race. Mark and Kelly Arnott have been instrumental in raising over a million dollars for various charities. Their events are always well organized and great fun. Mark Sullivan is proud to be associated with VR Pro. For more information, or to register for any of their events, visit: www.vrpro.ca.