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- Complete Graphic Design Services
- Promotional / Marketing Services
- Management & Organization

- Public Relations

In addition to his coaching skills, Mark Sullivan holds a degree in commercial art and has been successfully operating an illustration and graphic design studio for nearly thirty years. He has taught advertising art and design professionally, and has created hundreds of logos and graphic design images for race t-shirts and premiums, ads, brochures and flyers, race forms, as well as complete campaigns for races and other health and fitness-related events.

Mark has created nationally recognized, award-winning newsletters, campaigns and designs, and can provide your business or event with a logo, brand, e-newsletter, web site, or any other graphic image.

Mark has also directed and assisted in the organization of hundreds of race events. He has over twenty-five years of experience and is available for consultation.

To contact Mark for any graphic design, brand development, event marketing or promotion, email: marksullivanstudio@verizon.net.

Mark Sullivan can create logos, brochures, banners, posters, and web graphics, as well as design specialty items like custom medals, embroidery and screen printing for your race or event.